Edible Bark

Last night, Adam and I tried out some chocolate bark recipes that I've collected from here and there. First, we made white chocolate-pretzel-peanut bark. That was relatively straightforward, so we moved onto semisweet chocolate-pistachio-cranberry bark. It was supposed to be made with cherries instead of cranberries, but I bought the wrong thing. The bark was also supposed to be marbled with white chocolate, but we accidentally ruined the white chocolate so...
Both versions turned out delicious. And the recipes made a fair amount - I filled up five containers!
Adam took the fruits of our labor to work with him last night, and handed out samples to all the guys at work. Apparently both were a hit, although the semisweet-pistachio-cranberry option was too chocolate-y, and the white chocolate-pretzel-peanut was more popular.
We're going to make more bark closer to Christmastime and hand it out to friends and family. I was glad to do a test run with a sample audience to see what we need to change for next time. Also, it was a fun time with Adam! All in all, good. Except I wish I'd kept some of the bark so that I could eat it now!

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