15-minute coaster

So after the great cookie baking endeavor of 2011, I've been thinking about (easier) mass Christmas presents for next year. I know, I'm thinking about it already. The cookies were tasty but exhausting, and I really want to do something more crafty for next year, and something that I can do in advance.
Christmas ornaments are always an option, but Adam hates the feeling of felt, so that might be a problem. Coasters, however, are awesome, useful, and he could help me with them.
I've found about a billion great tutorials, but started out with
this tutorial by The Sometimes Crafter - it was simple and quick. Perfect!
So, I present my very first coaster ever. What do you think? I found the black fabric and the batting as a remnants at good ole Wal-Mart (and I got huge amounts of both because Wal-Mart believes that anything under 2 yards is a remnant), and found the polka-dot fabric as a $0.97 fat quarter. So this coaster cost... like... zero cents, basically.

check out my sweet new black table

check out my sweet stemless wine glass

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