completed christmas presents one: cross-stitch portraits

for my mother

for my older sister

for my younger sister
For Christmas presents for my mother and my two sisters, I made cross-stitch portraits of us three girls. It was originally just going to be for my mother, but after I stitched up my sample one (not pictured), I decided it was so adorable that I had to make one for each of my sisters as well. I had the basic pattern custom-designed for me by Wee Little Stitches (and they were a pleasure to order from), but I altered the design each time I stitched it to change the outfits and colors and hair styles.
I ended up making four of these - starting with my sample, then my younger sister's, then my older sister's, then my mother's. My younger sister got "sisters" embroidered on hers as well, but I decided I didn't love it and didn't like doing it (I am bad at backstitching, which is weird) and so I didn't include it for the other two.
The one for my younger sister is stitched on linen and then stretched over a small 4x4 inch canvas, while the ones for my older sister and mother are stitched on 14-count Aida and framed. I love how they turned out, and I mastered french knots (at last!) in the process. Each cross-stitch took about five hours (more or less, sometimes more) to complete. Definitely worth it. One of these days I'm going to make a fifth one for myself.
Although my family is in Wisconsin for Christmas, I got to Skype with them while they opened their presents from me, which was great. All of them seemed to love the cross-stitches, which was wonderful and exactly the reaction I was hoping to get. Hopefully these cross-stitches will always remind them of our love for each other!

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  1. these are SO great!!! I have to say, I love mine the best love the sparkly AIDA with the silver frame. The worst thing about this present is deciding what place is worthy of hangning it!!! Thank you so so so much, what a great present