quilt top for quilts for kids complete!

Recently I decided to start donating the quilts that I make to a charity called Quilts for Kids. I love to quilt, but I don't need a bunch of lap-sized quilts in child-friendly fabrics - and some kids out there do!
Today I finished the quilt top for the first (of many) quilts to be donated. You might recognize the fabric from the last post... the quilt top is composed of pinks, blues, yellows, and a fun owl print. I used a disappearing nine-patch pattern. Overall, I think it's adorable.
I don't have the materials on hand to complete it, so it's off to start another quilt top!


  1. Adorable- bright and cheery, very kid friendly perfect use of this !!

  2. Well done! Your productivity is hearty encouragement for me to get me butt in gear.