completed: thank-you bag, take two

looks familiar, right?

but it has a recessed zipper!

this is a sweet shirt, right?

 I know I made a thank-you bag already, but after some thought, I just wasn't happy with the fact that the bag had no closure. For a busy woman on the go, I really prefer a zippered bag. So I sat and thought about how to add a recessed zipper while maintaining the same bag design. I've done recessed zippers on tote bags before, but it was trickier on this bag because the top of the bag is curved.
  I'm not a very 3D thinker, so making bags can be difficult for me, but I managed to figure it out! I only had to rip out a few seams...
  I am super happy that I made another bag and made it fit the vision I had. I'm not sure what to do with the first one (it's still lovely!) - anyone want it?

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