completed: thank-you bag

the bag
 A few days ago, I decided I wanted to make a thank-you gift for my supervisor at my practicum, because she's been awesome. After consultation with my mother and some thought, I decided to make my supervisor a nice little everyday bag.
I've made tote bags before, but never a real purse, so I scoured the internet for some inspiration (and maybe a tutorial). I found quite a few things, but settled on the Penelope Tote Pattern (although I really don't think it's much of a tote, but I digress).
I bought some pretty patterned duck cotton and some plain black canvas for the exterior, and some even prettier floral fabric for the interior. I made the straps out of the black canvas, and I made slip pockets inside the bag.
This bag took awhile because a) my scissors are terrible and b) I've never pleated anything before or c) ever made a dart. But I persevered, and after some googling on how to make pleats and darts, I successfully made the bag! I'm very pleased.
Hopefully my supervisor will like it, but she won't be getting it until next week.

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