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Today, at my husband's request, I cleaned my craft room. It's official, people: I never need to buy fabric again. Ever. Ever ever ever.
But I probably will!
I love that room. It's dominated by a large black lounge chair, which is Adam's, and a large black bookcase, which holds most of my crafting books and magazines, along with a silver fairy and "wish" sign (both of which were at our wedding). There are two big windows, and two low rocking chairs (kindly provided by my mother) underneath the windows. Those chairs are perfect for cross-stitching. My sewing desk sits in the corner, and is honestly my least-favorite part of the room. I love that it's white and multi-leveled, but it's just too small for quilting! Which is why my sewing machine is currently in my dining room on my awesome and massive black table.
I am going to move back into my sewing room - as much as I like sewing in the same room as Adam and his ubiquitous computer, I miss my little sewing room! And I especially miss all the sun that room gets. And I would like my dining table to be nice and clean again.
I spent some time today decorating the craft room - I hung up pictures of the self-esteem groups I ran at my practicum (which I obviously cannot share here) and the silhouette I made of Adam ages ago (above). (I also arranged the mother's day gifts that Adam and I will be sending out this year - so if you are one of my lovely mothers, get excited!)
I like the decorations on the walls of the sewing room - I also have two printable posters hanging on one of the walls above my desk. By the door and above a small bookcase, I have the beautiful set of photos and poem that my mother made/wrote for me. I see it every time I leave the room, and it reminds me of her and of my marriage. Another one of her photos hangs on the opposite wall, so I see it every time I enter the room.
This all makes it sound like the walls are cluttered with decorations, but I assure you the room still feels spacious and open (or as much as possible with a giant chair in a small room!).
The room overall feels comfortable and very me. I hope my description of my craft room gives you a little insight into all that is me, and gives you an idea of the environment in which I like to create.

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