fun with spray paint

t-rex prints

first coat

for plastics!

all yellow!

Today I did not feel well. While in Wal-Mart to get some meds, I decided to check the toy section to see if I could find any plastic animal figurines. I've seen spray-painted animals around on Etsy (usually around $30), and it seemed like a good idea to try and make my own. Crafting always makes me feel better.
I found a T-Rex for a dollar in the toy section, and picked up some bright yellow spray paint (the kind especially made to apply to plastics, since I wasn't sure the spray paint we had would work). It took quite a few coats to cover up the ugly green the dinosaur was originally.
For a grand total of $6 (plus left-over spray paint), I now have a yellow T-Rex! He will live in my sewing room with the silver stegosaurous I am going to spray paint next.

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