completed: geeky binary love cross-stitch

i love you

This is a cross-stitched code of binary that translates to "I love you", and is a surprise gift for Adam. 
I've been working on this cross-stitch for the past two days. Cross-stitching always takes longer than I expect!
It is cross-stitched using three strands of black embroidery floss on "grasshopper" green 14-count Aida, framed in a simple black 5 by 7 inch frame. The color scheme is reminiscent of old computer screens. 
It took almost two skeins of floss to finish this pattern (which I designed (if you can call it that) on 14-count graph paper). I was inspired by techie fonts, and I found one sample that only had "ABC123", so I took the "1" from that and then made up the "0" to match. I used a simple heart at the end to finish the design.

design on graph paper

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