quilting with Enterprise

action shot!

As you may have guessed, I've been working on quilting my massive 12 + 2 = Q quilt. I'm just about half-way done now, and have been breaking up the task into small sessions. It's difficult to maneuver a quilt that size (it's about 88 x 88), but I've been following the tips from Oh Fransson, and that has helped a lot.
I've learned about Enterpise in the process, most of it good. For instance, I love that the thread is hidden in the top of the machine. This prevents Assassinationcat from messing with it, and also makes the machine look sleek and self-contained. The threading process is pretty easy, but winding the bobbin can be tricky - thread likes to jump out of the track it is supposed to follow. I've also broken about four needles so far because of thread-related issues, but that isn't really a critique of Enterprise.
Unfortunately, it's easy to accidentally hit the clear button on Enterprise and reset any thread length or width or tension adjustments I've made. But that's a pretty minor problem.
Overall, Enterprise has been a joy to quilt on - everything runs so quietly and so smoothly. It makes quilting the other half of this giant quilt look almost appealing.

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