tutorial: message on a canvas

 This quick and fun project is a great way to personalize your walls! 
I made this statement piece for under $11 and in less than an hour.

All you need for this project:

canvas in the size of your choice (I had an 8x10 and a 4x21)
spray paint in the colors of your choice (I chose red and silver)
paint pen in color of your choice (I chose silver)
vinyl 1inch letters (available in the hardware section)

Step One:
Spray paint your canvases! 
Make sure to get the edges.

Step two: 
Once the canvases are dry, place the 1inch vinyl letters to spell out the message of your choice.
It looks pretty good at this stage, but it will look even better at the end!

Step Three:
Spray-paint the canvas again with the second color of your choice, covering the letters.

Step Four: 
While that canvas is drying, write on the other canvas with the paint pen. Let dry.

 Step Five:
Once the second coat of spray-paint is dry, carefully peel off the letters, revealing the original color underneath.

 Hang and enjoy!

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