completed: spray-painted trash


Somewhere on the Internet, I saw a spray-painted wine bottle. And I was determined to recreate it. Somewhere else on the Internet, I saw rubber bands used when spray-painting jars and such to create lines. I was determined to do that too.
So today, I rescued a wine bottle from the trash, cleaned it out throughly (getting labels off is a pain!), wrapped rubber bands around it haphazardly, and spray-painted it white. Ta-da! A totally free project!
This technique would also be fun with multiple coats of spray-paint in different colors!


I did find that there was a little bleeding under the rubber bands, especially where the bands crossed, and that when I took the rubber bands off, there were little ridges of excess paint on the bottle. These undesirable additions to my pretty bottle were easily removed with a little brushing action.

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