tie-dye fun

pink, lime green, and turquoise
rubber banded tshirts 
the workspace
all dyed up
it's so hard to keep sections white
applying the dye 
waiting 6 hours is the hardest part
the fabulous results on fabulous people

On Monday, two of my oldest friends came to visit me and Adam. Yesterday, we got pedicures, tie-dyed tshirts, cooked delicious foods and played Scrabble (which I predictably lost). It was awesome to see them, and we had so much fun!

These are pictures of our tie-dye adventures. I haven't tie-dyed anything since I was a little kid, so it was really fun and nostalgic. We did it on the drop cloth in the open garage, which worked out well. Rinsing the dye out of the shirts after the six hour waiting period was not so fun, but we took turns rinsing the six shirts we made (including one for Adam - I am currently taking bets on whether or not he'll ever wear it), and then I washed them in hot water in the washing machine. The colors came out a lot lighter than I expected - I think letting the dye sit longer would probably have resulted in more saturated colors. But overall, it was definitely a fun way to pass a few hours, and now we all have pretty souvenirs of their visit!

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