meet July

yes, s/he really is that tiny
The other day, while I was in Massachusetts, I went to a local Petco with my sister to ogle all the animals we wish we could have. That particular store had something I'd never seen before - baby Betta fish! I swooned. I love bettas, and I love babies, and it just seemed so perfect. The little fishies were so-o cute! I couldn't get one because how would I get it home? But I was determined to possess one.

So a few days ago, I went to a Petco nearish to my home in Missouri. I went "just to look", but I ended up leaving with a teenytiny fishy that I named July (I was given a betta as a wedding gift that I named January, but I couldn't move January to Missouri, so this is my replacement fish).

The extra-cool thing about this baby betta is that it is completely random. I love random things. I have no idea what color or type of betta I'm going to end up with. I could get a $20 male or a $3 female. Who knows! It adds excitement to my life. Also, July cost less than $2, so it's a good deal either way!

July is currently living in about a gallon of water in an extra-large brandy-snifter-type glass bowl on a pedestal. S/he has pink gravel and multi-colored plastic gems to keep his/her life colorful.

So far I've left the brandy bowl on my kitchen island, and Sassy has shown no interest in it. I think July is too small for her to notice. Hopefully it will remain that way!

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