[wip] dresser progress

dresser madness!

I spent a good chuck of last night (and a little today) doing out the organization, math and measurements of my super-colorful dresser. Doesn't it look crazy? Don't worry, there is a method to my madness!
blackboard top and colors!
Last night and this morning, I reprimed the top of the dresser with enamel undercoater. Today, after the enamel undercoat dried, I painted the top with my new shiny blackboard paint. It doesn't look spectacular now, but after a few more coats, I think it will be awesome.

clipboard of important info!
Today I also painted two of the drawers (or rather, two sections of two drawers) red and yellow. The drawers will also need many more coats. That will take time, of course, but from everything I've read, many thin coats is superior to a few thick coats. And I've got nothing but time!

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