[completed] color wheel dresser

Today, I finally finished my dresser! I just put the hardware on, and now it's done! At last!

I haven't been working on it much lately - I finished all the painting awhile ago. On Sunday, Adam and I and my new friend moved the dresser into the sewing room. It was Adam's idea to move it, because he wanted a surface to puzzle on (you can just barely see the puzzle mat along the top of the dresser - the dresser top isn't quite wide enough, so we are using my cutting mat to do the puzzle on).

Yesterday, I finished spray-painting the original hardware a glossy white, and this morning, I put all the hardware on. I am so glad that my mother suggested that I spray-paint the hardware white - I was originally planning on silver, but the white looks even better. It matches the body of the dresser, and looks so fresh and fun. I was going to use new hardware, but this looks awesome, and was so much cheaper!

As you can see, the dresser is painted with the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. If you go up the dresser, the primary colors mix to make the secondary colors, and then mix again with the secondary colors to create the tertiary colors. So the yellow and red make orange, and then yellow plus orange make yellow-orange at the top. Clever, right? All credit for this idea goes to Adam. We are going to use the dresser to teach our future children the colors. In the meantime, it looks awesome and fun. I love colorful things!

As previously mentioned, the top of the dresser is painted with chalkboard paint. We've tested it, and it works great. Took a lot of coats, but so worth it! (I have a lot of the chalkboard paint, and I'm on the lookout for more things to paint with it)

There are a few minor touch-ups that I need to do still, but overall, the dresser is finished, and I love it! Now I just need the contact paper to come in so I can line the dresser drawers and actually start using it...

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  1. Love it!

    The hardware just tops it off perfectly. The white spray paint makes the old hardware look super modern. well done!