[completed] decoupage picture frames

black and white
On Monday, I had an awesome craft day with my new friend. We stopped at Wal-Mart to gather supplies, and she found these awesome sets of hanging wood frames. The frames were simple undecorated wood, and my friend suggested that we decoupage the frames with scrapbook paper. I picked up a pack of black, white and grey printed papers, and we were off!

This is the result! It took way longer than I had expected to cut out and mod podge the pieces of paper on the frames, but I love the result. (Hers turned out even cuter than mine, but sadly I didn't take any pictures!) We watched Mulan while we crafted. It was a great time!

I already had a set of six square black and white photos just sitting on a shelf. I recently got rid of the cheapo Target frames the pictures had been in, and was at a loss for what to do with them. This project was perfect for them! I chose three of the six photos - one each of my mother and my sisters. I plan to get another set of the frames and do the whole process again (but different, of course) for the other three photos.
look how pretty my family members are!

P.S. The mirrored bug? $0.25 at Michael's. Isn't it cute?

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