[completed] superman placemat

Today, I finished my WIP Superman placemat from a few days ago. It was quick to finish - a few lines of quilting, a quick binding, and ta da! A nice little project done in just a few hours.

I still have three more to make for a complete set, but I'm pleased with how this one turned out. I am annoyed (a little) that Superman is flying sideways across my placemat, but the text is oriented correctly, so I suppose it's just a weird print. What can you do?

It's a very patriotic placemat also, with the white and the red and the bright blue binding. Binding remains my nemesis, but I am pretty satisfied with the mitered corners, at least.

I love how the concentric boxes made by the quilting lines look on the back!

All in all, a fun little project! I love quick finishes.

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