fun at the fair

a beautiful (scary) amusement ride
Yesterday, I went to the state fair with my hubby and two of our friends. It was definitely not what I had expected, but we had a good time wandering around and trying to win goldfish (a carnival game I only thought existed in movies). Sadly, no goldfish went home with us, but I snapped a lot of pretty photographs in the pretty hazy sunset light. We didn't actually ride any of the amusement rides I took pictures of - I think these potential deathtraps are best seen from a distance. Especially the ferris wheel - what a scary concept!

Before we went to the fair, my new friend Jessica and I made progress on our work-in-progresses and made a delicious Greek lemon cake. Today, I finished that quilt top WIP. Sadly, it's a super secret present, so no photos! Yet, anyway.

Now I am going to start something new that I can actually document!

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