[tutorial] grow capsule animal mobile

Today I am going to show you how to make a quick, cute and inexpensive mobile!

1. Gather supplies!
You will need grow capsules (found at any major store in the toy section, and also often in the dollar sections), scissors, a hand needle, clear thread, and half an embroidery hoop (luckily I had a broken one just waiting to be used!)
2. "Grow" your capsules!

drop capsules in warm water
 3. Watch the animals (or whatever shapes you have) appear!
and watch them grow!
 4. Continue watching. It takes awhile.
there's a lion!
 5. Squeeze out the excess water and allow your spongy animals to dry.
let the sponge animals dry
6. Thread the needle with an arbitrary length of clear thread. 
7. Gently slide the needle through the center of the back of a randomly selected animal shape, so it will hang nicely. 
8. Tie the other end of the length of thread to the embroidery hoop with a double-knot.
9. Repeat for all the animals.

Sassy wants to eat my animals while I work 
 10. Tie three extra-long strings to the embroidery hoop equal distances apart. Tie a knot of the three strings together.

 Hang and enjoy!
completed mobile!

NB: Clear thread is slippery and difficult to see. For an easier equally cute alternative, use strands of colored embroidery floss!

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