[wip] tshirt memory quilt part deux

scrappy scraps
Yesterday, I trimmed all the T-shirts for the memory quilt I am making for my cousin, and also cut all the sashing fabrics. I stuck with the colors I was told he prefers: grey, red, and blue, but I also added black and white because the pattern I am following calls for five different fabrics. Because the T-shirts all have lettering and designs of their own, I decided to stick with solid fabrics for the accent fabrics. (Also, because it is hard to find boy-appropriate printed fabrics! The industry really needs to recognize the fabric needs of the male population.)

It was so nerve-wracking to cut into those t-shirts (what if I made a mistake? It's not like I can just run out and buy more!), but I was careful and luckily it all went well. The pattern calls for more sashing fabric than I actually needed, so I might add a border to the quilt. We'll see when I'm done assembling the quilt top. I've already started piecing the quilt together, but no photos just yet. My cousin obviously knows I am making this quilt for him, but I am hoping for the final product to be something of a surprise!

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