[wip] tshirt quilt

pile o' tshirts
 Today, I decided I needed to take a break from my wip super secret present quilt, and start another quilt on my to-do list: a T-shirt memory quilt for my cousin. I've actually had the T-shirts sitting around for awhile now, but couldn't decide on a design for the quilt (or find the courage to cut into these precious shirts). Today, I achieved both - I settled on a design, and I cut up the shirts!

The design I am going to use is in the Fall 2012 issue of Quilts & More, my favorite quilting magazine. I always buy this magazine for the multiple quilting patterns included, and this issue just happened to have a pattern for a fun, different T-shirt quilt. I bought it yesterday, and have been wrestling with the design ever since. It's not exactly the size I wanted, but the nature of the design makes it very difficult to adjust to a bigger size. It's an extra-long twin size, and I've decided that is acceptable.

So, after selecting the 21 shirts I wanted to use, I sliced into the shirts!

all cut and ready to be interfaced
 Now I need to interface all the shirt pieces, trim them to the appropriate sizes, and start sewing!

not my usual pretty pile of scraps

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