crafting update

I'm still alive and crafting! I have actually been crafting a lot of late, but almost all of it has been early Christmas presents, so I can't post pictures or give specifics. In general, though... I've completed one Christmas gift this week, and am almost done with the tshirt memory quilt I'm making for my cousin. All that is left is stitching on the binding, which we all know is just my absolute favorite part. Only not.

I have made up Christmas to-do list after to-do list, and am slowly chipping away at the gifts. I know I still have like three months, but last year I was scrambling at the end, and I'm determined not to be that way this year. Also, I like making lists. I am trying not to be overly ambitious this year, but I have a total of five quilts being given out, so clearly I'm not succeeding. Two of the five are complete, one is almost complete, and two haven't even been started. I am tempted to add on a few more ideas, but I'm trying to be strong. I just love to make and give away crafty things!

I have done a few crafts that aren't gifts (or at least, are staying in my house), so I will post about those soon!

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