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45 gallons of awesome
Meet the newest addition to our household: a beautiful 45 gallon fish tank with a black stand!

Adam has always wanted a big fish tank, and when I saw this tank/stand setup complete with fish and accessories for a steal of a deal, I decided to get it as a surprise present for him. (Sadly, he guessed the present before I actually got to surprise him with it - but he was thrilled, so it was okay).

Moving it in my little hatchback was easier than I had anticipated, although sound of the water sloshing around and the stand's door banging was a bit unnerving. Then, after I got home, I had no way to moving any of it into the house (Adam was at work), so I had to move all the fishies into a large plastic storage box and then crossed my fingers that they wouldn't get too cold. All went well, though - they are swimming around the tank now.

For now, we've set it up in the corner of the "dining room", under my favorite picture of us. When we move into our new house in two months (assuming all goes well), it will probably go in the corner of the kitchen.

Adam is very excited (although I'll be doing all the work). The tank came with two plecos (one huge one and one fairly small one), three mollies and a large rainbow shark. I am giving away the small pleco and the mollies today so that we can add Adam's favorite fish: angelfish! His brother has giant gorgeous angelfish, and I think Adam is a wee bit jealous.

Adam is excited, I'm excited, and Sassy is certainly excited.

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