thread holder

all set up with the thread in color order
Awhile ago, right around Christmas, Adam and his father (who was visiting) did a little woodworking and made me a thread holder. Adam and I had attempted to make it before and failed, but Adam and his father were finally able to make me my very own thread shelving unit! It's a bit wonky, but I love it all the same.

I've wanted a way to keep and organize my thread for ages, and was inspired by similar thread holders I'd seen around the internet. For months, the shelving unit sat in my sewing room with rows of disorganized thread. When I decided to paint my most recent dresser project, I grabbed my thread holder to paint as well. That meant I had to remove all my spools of thread, which made a bit of a mess.

pile of thread
I decided to use two mistint samples I bought ages ago from Lowe's. I love buying mistints because they are so much cheaper - and the random aspect appeals to me. I don't have names for these colors, since they were mistints, but I still have plenty of paint leftover if I ever want to paint something to match.

I used a lavender color for the interior of the thread holder, and then a bright pink for the exterior. It took about two coats of each color, plus primer. I tried a spray primer for the first time on this project, with disastrous results. So it was back to good old Kilz for me!

before organization
The thread holder currently sits atop the color wheel dresser I painted awhile ago (which is getting lots of good use!). The colors of the thread holder don't match at all to the dresser. I could have used leftover paint from the dresser for the thread holder, but I decided against it. I like the purple and pink, and I don't mind a few mismatched pieces. Gives the room character!

after organization
I'm going to be very sad to undo and redo the thread organization when we move. But at least I get to enjoy the rainbow of thread for a few more weeks!

so pretty!

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