[wip] blue nightstand and dresser set

clean(er) and empty nightstand and dresser
Today I tackled Step One for my new nightstand and dresser set: cleaning!

I used a diluted amount of TSP (1/8 cup in 2 gallons of warm water, as the box recommended) and cleaned the outside of the dresser bodies and the outside and inside of each drawer with a sponge. Then I wiped it all down again with clean, warm water to remove the TSP. The dressers originally smelled pretty smoky, but using the TSP seems to have removed a lot of the cigarette smoke smell. Which is excellent.

Next step: stripping the at least five layers of paint (seriously). Then I plan to reclean all the interior surfaces with Murphey Oil Soap (which has a nice clean smell to it), and prime and paint and all that fun stuff. One step at a time!

clean(er) drawers drying in the sun

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