[completed] bedroom dresser

Today I finally finally put the finishing touches on my WIP bedroom dresser, which has been a work-in-progress since March. I actually finished painting quite awhile, and even sealed the dresser pretty promptly, but then with school and practicum and weather and waiting for cool Ikea knobs to arrive, I never got around to re-assembling the dresser.

You might notice that those awesome Ikea knobs are not present. I ultimately decided against them for two reasons: 1) the red was too dark to go with the paint colors and the clear didn't stand up to the white, and 2) the knobs were too small to go with the style of the dresser. So I went to Lowe's and bought some inexpensive silver concave knobs instead. I screwed them on, screwed the drawers to the drawer slides, screwed the dresser feet on, and voila! A completed bedroom dresser for the new house. For now it will continue to live in the messy garage, but soon (10 days!) it will be relocated.

In that "after" picture, you might notice the tips of blue drawers from my other WIP dresser project. That set I am abandoning - I made a deal with dear Adam that I would be done with them before we moved, and that has not happened (due to weather, laziness, working, etc). So I am reselling them to some other poor soul, and they will hopefully be gone by tomorrow. That will free up room in my garage for packed boxes!


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