[completed] first real piece of apparel

isn't it pretty?
On my last day of graduate classes (yay!), I stopped by Jo-Ann's. There happened to be a 50% off classes sale, and I signed up for a class to make Simplicity Pattern 6148. It's a two-part class, with the first two-hour session last Thursday and the second two-hour session this coming Thursday. Well, we spent the first session just cutting fabric (which is legitimately difficult when you are new to patterns). So I decided to try the pattern on my own. 

I bought some inexpensive, colorful fabric at Wal-Mart for a test shirt, and used the same pattern to cut out the pieces. Then I followed the somewhat confusing directions, and assembled the shirt without any issues. Isn't it pretty? I actually wore it the day I made it (Friday). Sorry there are no pictures of it on - I totally forgot that part. But I showed it to my sister on FaceTime, and she has requested that I make one for her now, so it must be cute.

I'm pretty pleased!
love those giant flowers

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