new (unfinished) desk!

my new desk!!

look at those legs!

excuse the poor photos
Quite awhile ago, I requested (on a social media group) that someone make me a console for my new house. I got a response from another military member, who said he could not make me the console due to a limited time frame, but he would be happy to make me something else. So I requested a desk based on these Ana-White plans. And today, he delivered. And it only cost my $90! Which, for a desk this size, is a steal.

I LOVE my new desk. It's huge (22" deep by 72" wide), super sturdy, and I get to finish it in the colors I chose. It is going to make an excellent sewing desk in the new house. I can't wait to finish it and then use it!

color choices
I snapped this picture at my local Lowe's today. These are the colors available for Minwax water-based stain, which is what I want to use to stain the desk. I am thinking about doing one color for the legs and another color for the desk top. What colors do you think I should use?


  1. My first instinct is to go with a green - early spring or green tea on the legs, and a wood color on the desk top.
    But i'm guessing you're leaning pink?