[wip] bedroom

before we bought the house
weird purple color and painted-over wallpaper
after stripping
weird purple color and drywall
after one coat of primer & two coats of paint

Adam and I decided that our first project in the new house (!!!) would be the bedroom. One wall featured some lovely painted-over wallpaper, so with the help of two friends, we stripped the wall. That took awhile, but it wasn't too difficult. After moving in with the help of many wonderful friends, we primed and painted the bedroom walls (with the help of those two awesome friends again!) last night. We just finished up the second coat of paint this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that we won't have to do a third coat. 

I just LOVE the gray color. It makes the room so serene. We chose this color ("Urban Sunrise" by Valspar) because we thought it would make the room calming and sleep-inducing. Also did you know that yellow goes into mixing this color? Isn't that strange? I learned that today while buying a second gallon of paint. I'm always amazed how much paint gets used.

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