[completed] banker chair for the sewing room

before & after!

before (picture posted on craigslist)
I eyed this banker's chair on craigslist for over a week, and I finally went on a (long) driving adventure to collect it. An hour and $25 later, and this baby was mine.

during (picture on our kitchen floor)
I disassembled the chair without any help aside from advice from my mother over Skype. Taking apart the chair involved a lot of manual labor, surprisingly - I had to wrestle the padded sections of the arms off the wooden base, pull the wheels off, etc, and the chair is pretty heavy.

after (picture taken in the sewing room)
 But a few cans of spray-paint, some polka-dotted fabric and some coordinating gray fabric and a lot of patience, and this chair was transformed! I used Krylon's "Satin Nickel" spray-paint for the chair, and covered it in a clear protective coat as well. I found the gray polka-dot fabric at Jo-Ann's for only $2.49 a yard, and found the matching gray used for the arms as a remnant. I made piping out of a package of light gray single fold bias tape to go along the arms. I like the effect of the piping, although it's pretty subtle.

It's decidedly not perfect - there are imperfections in the chair, imperfections in my spray-painting, and the re-upholestery isn't perfect either.

But I LOVE my new chair! And I am so proud of myself for doing it all alone!

And if I ever get bored of how it looks, I can easily change it.


  1. Really impressed by the metallic spray paint! Did you have to strip the chair?

  2. Thanks, Erin! I didn't have the strip the chair - I just primed and painted right over the existing paint.