[completed] sewing desk

finished desk
Yesterday I put on the final coats of Krylon "Classic Gray" paint on the desk legs and put a clear protective coat over the desk top. After those coats dried, Adam and I carefully maneuvered this giant desk (it's six feet long!) into my sewing room. We had to take the door off the hinges to get it into the room, but we managed.

gray legs and white top
(and a curious cat)
This morning, Sassy graciously posed for me (before an unfortunate trip to the veterinary clinic and a bath - it was a rough day for Assassinationcat). The desk looks great against the navy and gray-blue walls and the white top matches the white chair rail.

The white desk top with gray legs were my mother's idea, and I'm very happy with color combination. The desk could have dominated the room if painted a brighter color, and I already have a lot of color in the room thanks to my color wheel dresser.

with my satin nickel chair
The gray of the desk doesn't quite coordinate with my satin nickel chair the way I had anticipated, but the colors don't clash either. I love both of my new pieces of furniture!

the texture of the desk top
Because of the quality of the wood, the desk top is not perfect despite about a million coats of spray Kilz and another million coats of glossy white spray paint. It's smooth to the touch, but you can still see the imperfections in the wood. I actually don't mind the texture - it gives the desk a more rustic feel and a lot of personality. Also, it won't be so noticeable if I somehow damage the table or the paint job.

my pretty model
Look how nicely the colors go together... and check out the glossy sheen on that desk top!

the final and complete package

I'm in love! It was worth all the trouble to have this huge, custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind desk!

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