[100 day city sampler challenge] day two, block one

all my fabrics for this project
So obviously, my 100 day city sampler life quilt challenge got off to a bit of a rocky start, and I didn't make a block or post yesterday, which was day one.

Today I redeemed myself, and after photographing my pretty stack of fabrics a few more times, I cut into the blue fabrics to make block one!

block one
I'm pretty pleased with this block. It looks very pretty - Adam chose the four blue fabrics for the block and then I cut into them sort of at random, trying not to think too hard about which fabric would be for which pieces, if that makes any sense? I was a little paralyzed at the beginning, thinking I needed to make my block look like the one in the book. But, in the beginning of the book, the author Tula Pink says something along the lines of "I numbered these blocks so that you could have creative liberty and really make it your quilt". So I'm trying to take those words to heart and just do it.

Like Nike.

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