[wip] diy bath fizzies

With my newfound essential orange oil (of which I appear to have a lot), I decided to tackle a project I've been eyeing for literally years: the diy bath fizzy or bath bomb. Since I had a lot of the materials on hand (baking soda, epsom salts, essential oil) I figured why not? So I picked up some citric acid and witch hazel (and a little spray bottle for the witch hazel), and some silicone molds. Well, that part was tricky. I couldn't find any cute silicone molds, but for $2 for six, these cupcake molds seemed like they'd do the trick. The giant heart mold was also $2, and I bought it because a) I thought I might have extra bath fizzie mixture left over, and b) it was so cute. I love hearts.

Anyway. I followed these Design Sponge directions. There are approximately a million tutorials and sets of instructions out there, but I chose this set because it was simple and didn't involve a ton of difficult-to-acquire materials.

Mixing and molding the bath fizzies was very similar to making the diy deodorizing disks I tackled earlier today. Except that for the bath fizzies, you get to mix using your hands. Which was a great sensory experience, but might have permanently perfumed my hands with the scent of orange. I suppose it could be worse.

Like the deodorizing disks, the bath fizzies have to dry overnight. Now I have a whole collection of things drying! Tomorrow will be an exciting day.

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