I'm back! For reals this time!

It's been, well, ages. Years. But I'm back. I'm living in Missouri again, but with a new husband (!!) and a whole new life. I'm going to be attending graduate school soon, but for now, my life is full of crafting. However, I don't have my sewing machine (it's in storage - long story, I'll get it back at the beginning of July), so I have to be extra creative and try new things.
I've become totally obsessed with cross-stitch, thanks to a couple of kits kindly given to me. At first, I was totally turned-off by the whole idea of cross-stitch - it seemed weirdly hard. But that was because the first kit I tried had 18 count black Aida (the fabric you cross-stitch on), and that was way too difficult to see. 14 count Aida, which has bigger squares, has become my dear friend.
The cross-stitch above is my first completed project, made for my beloved husband. It's a quote from a Ke$sha song, if you didn't know. Not bad for a beginner, right? It's not perfect - the whole text should be shifted to the right one square, and one heart is missing decoration, but Adam won't let me fix it. He says he likes seeing the progression of my work. Wait until he sees what he's getting for his birthday in September! Keeping this project a secret wasn't very hard - I just worked on it while he was at work, and hid it while he was home. I got the pattern for $3.00 from Bellastitchery. So worth it. The project filled three 8-hour days (I didn't work continuously, though, so the project didn't actually take that long). I initially wanted it on pink fabric, but the project instructions were misleading and I ended up running out of pink fabric on a first draft before I realized that the pattern was too big for the fabric I'd cut. So that was sad. But maybe it's a touch more manly this way?
I've also been working on some top-secret presents for a bunch of dear people in my life, so sadly I can't post about those, lest they read this and spoil the surprise! But I have lots more cross-stitch patterns, including one that is guaranteed to make you smile, so there will be work to post soon!

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