Completed Project: Fabric Baby Block

Today I made a fabric baby block, using the very helpful tutorial from Make It and Love It. It was pretty simple, and took maybe an hour at most to complete (not including cutting the fabric - I did that yesterday). I used a tip from Cherry Menlove and topstitched each edge of the block after I stuffed it. That makes it more crisp and block-y. And also more secure.
I used fabric picked up at Wal-Mart (I know, it's the haute couture shop for fabrics) as a remnant. I like to make "first draft" versions of each project before I use fabrics that I care about, so this is my first draft version!
In future blocks, I'll use a different fabric for each side. I'll also probably add ribbons (or "taggies") to some of the edges to give the little peach something to chew on. There is a jingle bell tucked way inside this block to give it a little auditory interest. And the block is 5x5 inches - a bit big in my option. Next I'll try a 4x4 block and maybe a 3x3. Obviously they have to be big enough that she can't possibly swallow them, but also small enough that she can easily maneuver them.
All in all, I'm pleased with this project! It was quick and easy and fun, and I think the little peach will love it.

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