More Christmas Prep!

Here's another "scrap shot" - I bet you can't guess what I was cutting out here! It goes along with my "sneak peek" project from a few posts ago.
Like I said before, I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit - I even bought a Christmas tree today! It's a super cool black artificial tree. I haven't put it up yet (it seems a bit early) - but I will soon! I don't care if it's early, I am loving the holidays!
Here's the star-shaped wreath Adam and I bought. I put it up already on our front door. I love it - we bought it at Tarjay for like ten dollars. It's all artificial too, so I can use it again next year.
I used to be very against artificial wreaths and trees - but they're so cost-efficient, and in the case of my black Christmas tree, so very unexpectedly cool. So I've changed my mind on that issue. I can't wait to decorate more!

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  1. too cute! I looked up your tree on line and I do 'get' why you wanted it looks like a good deal and will fit nicely in your house and go with the various black things you already have. enjoy!