completed christmas present three: blue bowl

filled with delicious chocolate
 When I was taking my pottery class, I made Adam a bowl. He always needs little bowls and things to collect all the miscellaneous stuff that he accumulates. His desk is decorated in black and blue, so I thought blue would be a good choice to show off the details of the bowl. I used another bowl to form the shape of my desired bowl, and gently pressed the clay down into the right shape. Then I took two different sizes of stamps with stylized representations of the B2, and stamped a whole flight of B2s. Then we fired it, I painted it with globs of blue glaze, fired it again, and voila! A gift for Adam.
It was actually the first present from me that he opened because we opened the smallest presents first. It's definitely my favorite thing that I made in the pottery class - and since it wasn't thrown on the wheel, it was also the least messy (and thus most enjoyable) item to make. Isn't it pretty?

b2s everywhere!

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