completed: emily and adam cross-stitch

For our anniversary, Adam is getting me (or allowing) professional photographs of us taken. It's our paper anniversary, and photos are printed on paper. So that works. For him, though, I knew I wanted to do something similar to the photographs - but with a crafty twist! Remember these cross-stitch portraits? Well, I had the same Etsy crafter (Wee Little Stitches) make a pattern of me and Adam, and yesterday I whipped it up rather belatedly for him.
The pattern calls for me to have long hair (as I did until last week), so I tried to alter it to have short hair and I don't love the look. Oh well! I added the three hearts as well - and that's a change that I like.
I do love the 4x4 inch mirrored frame that I found to put the cross-stitch in. It looks lovely. especially with the silver-threaded Aida that is totally my new favorite.
We also exchanged cards, because cards are made of paper. Also because I love cards. Overall, it was a lovely low-key first anniversary!

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