framed butterflies

Today, while making more tile coasters, I decided I wanted to use the scraps of paper for something pretty. I'd seen lots of these framed butterflies floating around the internet, so I tried my hand at it.

1 8x10 frame, spray-painted white
1 8x10 piece of cardboard, spray-painted white
1 Martha Stewart butterfly punch
Fine-tip applicator glue
Lots of scraps of paper (I used a Premium Stacks safari stack)

Total cost: <$15.00

Spray paint the frame and piece of cardboard. Allow to dry. Punch out about a bazillion (or 54) butterflies. Glue the back of the butterflies' spines (which are very narrow, which is why you want glue with a fine-tip), so that the wings can be free. Arrange six across and nine down in a pleasing pattern (or wing it like I did (ahaha, get it? wing it? no? okay)). 
Easy peasy and so cute! I left the glass out, so that the wings stand out and give the butterflies a 3D effect.


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