[completed] hourglass scrap quilt

all done!
Today, I finished my hourglass scrap quilt! I only started it a few days ago, so I'm pleased. It is a very small quilt, so it was easy to do in only a few hours spread out over a few days. (The trick is just finding sewing time!)

The quilt measures approximately 36 x 36 inches, which definitely makes it a baby quilt. The soft florals make it a girly baby quilt.

This quilt was basically free to make - with the exception of the batting. All the quilt top (except the border) are scraps from a previous project. The border fabric was from the same bunch of fabrics that were given to me by my mother-in-law, so that was already in my stash. The backing is composed of leftover scraps from the back of the pinwheel quilt, and more of the pink roses flannel that I have yards and yards thanks to my mother.

I quilted very simply - stitch in the ditch on all the diagonal lines in both directions, and also around the inside of the border. The borders themselves are not quilted.

quilting lines
The quilt is bound in a white homemade binding. I've only used white binding once before, and I have to say I love it. It just looks so bright and fresh against the colorful fabrics. I know white binding can be a pain because bindings often get dirty, but I love it anyway.

I put one of my new "craft the pain away" labels on the back of the quilt. I have plans to either sell or give away this quilt. For the moment, I am going to hoard it for "just in case".

Sass just loves my quilt

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