[completed] scrap quilt

front of the quilt
Just now, I finished the Arkansas crossroads scrap quilt I've been working on for awhile. I'm happy that this quilt is completed - it isn't my favorite, and I'm glad to be done. Honestly, I am a little disappointed in how this quilt turned out. I was super excited when I first started cutting the fabrics and piecing the blocks, but my enthusiasm and fondness for this quilt waned as I progressed. 

I still love the color palette, and the fact that so many of the fabrics are scraps from other projects that I loved making. But I'm not so fond of the border fabric, and I feel that the quilting did not lend anything special to the finished product.

I had a really difficult time deciding how to quilt this one. I ultimately decided on stitching in the ditch around the squares, and then stippling inside the white fabrics. I'm not sure how else I could have quilted, but this option didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. As you can see below, I encountered some puckering. And I think that stitching in the ditch sometimes detracted from my perfectly matched points.

You can see the quilting more clearly on the back. I didn't have enough of the solid black fabric for the whole back, so I pieced it with some of the same print I used for the border on the front. I do love a pieced back.
the back
The quilting doesn't look bad, but it's a little odd. I do like the Xs that the stippling created.
detail of the quilting
All in all, this quilt just isn't my favorite. I made it with the intent to donate it, and hopefully some kid somewhere will love it!

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