[wip] scrap arkansas crossroads quilt

I've been working on a few projects here and there lately, trying to reduce my WIP pile, but nothing has been really grabbing my interest. I've been seeing a lot of scrap quilts around the blogosphere, so I started researching scrap quilt patterns. I found a few favorites, but ultimately gravitated towards the Arkansas Crossroads pattern because it was fun, looked complex but is actually easy to complete, and would use up a lot of my smaller scraps.

scrap quilt top so far

I spent the last few days sorting scraps, cutting colored scraps into 3.5 inch squares and my white scraps into 6.5 inch squares, and stitching it all together. I have way more colored scraps than I used in this quilt top - I decided to go for a calm, blue-black-brown-gray palette. These blocks go together pretty quickly, and I think I will make another one of these quilts with my more vibrant scrap fabrics.

The picture above is nine 12.5 inch square blocks carefully arranged to compose the Xs and star shapes. I have run out of white scraps, but I have quite a few little colored squares leftover, so I might cut into my stash of white fabric to make the quilt top bigger. I want to keep it a child-friendly size, since I plan on donating this quilt, but it's currently only about 36 x 36 inches. I am also considering adding a border (or two) to make the quilt bigger, but can't settle on what fabric to use for that. So for now, the quilt top is going to stay like this, I guess!

Any suggestions for how to finish this quilt are welcome!

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