tiny colorful scrap squares

piles of 2.5inch squares
 Yesterday, I decided I wanted to make another scrap quilt. I've been determined to use up my stash, and the scrap bin was still overflowing (despite making a scrap quilt already). I wavered for a long time between making a granny squares quilt or a modern scrap baby quilt. Then I realized that both quilt patterns require 2.5inch squares, so I set aside my internal disagreement about which pattern to follow and started cutting up scraps. As you can see, I have a rainbow assortment. Each color pile has at least four different prints in it, and the stacks are surprisingly tall.
so cute
I've been playing around with different arrangements of the fabrics, and I think I will start off trying to make a boy granny square quilt, using my superhero and novelty fabrics as the centers of the granny squares with rings of bright non-pink colors. But I can't decide what I want the background fabric to be - grey? I think that would work best (the only white I have is a floral tone-on-tone print, which doesn't suit this concept). I also have tone-on-tone black prints, but that might make the whole thing too jarring. So I think grey would be best - and I have enough in my stash. I am just loath to use it because I don't want to have to buy more for another quilt!

That's the drawback of only wanting to use your stash... I recommend stocking up on basic neutrals before deciding to rely on the stash alone!

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