a rose for emily

My darling little sister has been crafting beautiful watercolor-painted coffee filter roses (check out her first one here!), and she graciously agreed to make me one so that I can have an everblooming rose of my own. We agreed to have it fade from red in the center to white outer petals, but the watercolors dictated a more pink rose. Which is fine by me, I love pink!

The roses are carefully assembled with lots of little petals - you can see how she made the inner petals a darker pink than the outer petals. I love that effect!

leaves and a floral tape wrapped stem
I love that the rose also has leaves (which conveniently hide the tape used to secure the rose petals) and the white floral tape wrapped stem (made of a wooden dowel) is the perfect finishing touch. It's so elegant and lovely - I can't wait to display it in my home. I just have to figure out how to transport it safely...
a rose for emily
I feel loved!

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