[completed] sewing room paint job

Yesterday, Adam and I and a friend of his finished painting my sewing room. The lower portion of the walls are the same navy blue that they were originally, and the upper portion of the walls are from a $5 one-gallon mistint of Valspar's "Yachtsman". Adam was concerned that there wouldn't be enough paint, since we used a gallon and a half for our bedroom, but we had plenty. The high-hiding primer from Valspar did such an excellent job that we only need one coat and some second coat touchups of the wall color.

"Yachtsman" turned out to be more blue than I expected (the sample on top of the can looked gray), but it looks great with the navy and the white chair rail. I love it - it's such a calming color.

Today, Adam changed out all the painted-over outlets and light switch for me. The faceplates were nice already, but the outlets themselves needed to go. Thankfully I have a husband who is good with tools!

I also installed new curtain rods (with old curtains) all by myself, and I've started moving furniture and stuff into the room. I really need to stain my new desk and move it in there. That's on the to-do list for tomorrow!

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