[wip] painting my sewing room

For the past few days, I've been trying to find a time to paint the sewing room in the midst of all the unpacking. This morning, Adam recruited a friend of his to help us prime the Mizzou-colored walls. I decided to keep the navy blue below the chair rail, but repaint the (hideous) yellow-orange color above the rail.
after priming
To cover up that intense color, we used Valspar's high-hiding primer. It was pretty effective, as you can see. As soon as that coat is dried, we'll be painting the walls in a light gray paint that I bought as a mis-tint at Lowe's awhile ago. I love buying mistints - first because I love random things, and secondly because you can get great unexpected colors for cheap!

I can't wait to get this room all nice and repainted! Then I will be able to finally unpack both the sewing room (obviously), and the spare bedroom (where all the sewing room stuff is being stored). I won't be able to start/continue any sewing projects for awhile, though... I still need to stain and prime my new unfinished desk so I'll have a place to work. That project is definitely on the agenda for next week!

I start my new job (yay!) on the 10th of June, so I have about a week left to finish up around the house. Of course I know I won't/can't get everything done before then, but I am certainly going to try!

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