[completed] aragon bag and pattern review

While pinterest-ing the other day, I found a new Sew Sweetness bag pattern, the Aragon Bag. I knew instantly that I had to make one. So I did!

finished aragon bag

Although I've admired several of the Sew Sweetness bag patterns, I've never taken the plunge to buy one. But for $9.00, this pattern was mine! I went to Jo-Ann's to get all the necessary materials, and found this great gray cross-hatch fabric. I combined it with a fabulous colorful peacock print on gray (for the lining and the straps) and used hot pink as an accent color. 

side view

I splurged on metal zippers, since they look so much better than plastic zippers and seem more durable. There is a 22inch zipper for the top of the bag, and a 14inch zipper for the zippered pocket on the back. The bag also has gathered pockets on the sides for stashing small-ish items. There was also supposed to be a zippered pocket and gathered pocket inside the bag, but I ran out of fabric. 

the back
The front of the back has a nicely sized pocket with a magnetic snap (my first time installing a snap!). 

the front snap pcoket

Overall, the pattern was easy to follow. I had no trouble figuring out what to do, just how to do it. But there were a multitude of helpful photographs of the tricker steps. My only complaint about the pattern is that I didn't end up with enough fabric for all the pattern pieces. I'm not sure if I cut wrong (there is no cutting diagram) or what, but I would definitely buy extra fabric next time. That aside, I love the end result, and I am so pleased!

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