[completed] aragon bag, take two

So I decided to make another Aragon bag. I am smitten with this pattern, although I have to admit that it is not the easiest to create! I just love the finished result - the bag has structure but is still pliable, the shape is fabulous, and the creative possibilities involving fabric, color, and pocket options are great.

This one is my homage to Betsy Johnson. I mixed two similar red and pink and black floral prints with brass hardware. I used one print for the main body and exterior pockets and combined it with the busier floral print for the exterior snap pocket, straps, and lining. For this bag, I experimented with using gold rings in the straps. I love that extra touch!

I also used a bright red as my accent color for the interior of the pockets. I love that little pop of extra color with the prints and the brass zippers.
 The back of the bag again features a long zippered pocket. Here you can see the red around the zipper. Love it!

 The lining is the same floral print as the exterior pocket. The inside of the bag features a zippered pocket, a label of mine, and two gathered pockets for phones, pens, etc. All the raw edges of the bag are trimmed with bright green bias tape for an extra fun pop of color.

it stands without support!
I added more interfacing to this version of the bag than I did with my first, and the result is much better. Although my first bag stood on it's own, this bag stands taller and feels more structured. The finished bag is 16 inches wide and 10 inches tall with 13 inch straps. Perfectly sized for carrying, well, anything!

Once again, I love this pattern and the resulting creations, and you'll definitely be seeing more Aragon bags in the future!

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