[completed] secret pal puncushion

mason jar pincushion

 Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I've been doing lots of crafting, believe it or not, but I have been making things (little bags, placemats, etc) for the craft fair I participated in last Saturday. I even sold a quilt there!

Today, I made a quick craft for a secret pal swap I'm in. My secret pal also likes to sew, so I whipped up a little mason jar pincushion, complete with pearly pins, for her. I roughly followed this tutorial from Prudent Baby, but it's easy to figure out how to do on your own. Basically I just cut out a piece of scrap fabric to be a bit bigger than the canning lid, stuffed it full of poly-fil fiberfill, and hotglued the fabric to the bottom of the lid. Then I put a little circle of cardstock over the bottom of the lid to hide those fabric edges, and voila! A pincushion that stores pins!

I used Ball Half-Pint Wide Mouth mason jars for my pincushion because I liked the squat shape and the  fact that wide mouth made for a bigger pincushion. The whole project only cost a few dollars - the pretty pins were around three dollars, and a set of four jars was around six dollars. I already had the scraps of fabric and fiberfill.

I plan to make three more of these pincushions for various folks, since I have three more jars. Maybe I'll even keep one for myself!

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  1. Congrats on the quilt! What all are you selling at the craft fair?

    I cut out all of the pieces for the secret baby quilt you helped me with. I can't really allow myself to put it together until I get my thesis done though (sad sad).